Beer, Waffles, Fries, & Chocolate Weekend🍺🍟🍫

U.S.  girls take on Brussels !! Weekend adventure continue at Brussels! I went for the waffles and 550c3e7d7180ecc841d1077a9e8eec8fcame back with chocolate!! In summary Brussels was a cool city to visit. We found out the hard way that mostly everything (really like 98% of things are closed Sunday) But regardless of that we had a great time eating 🙂 Compared to Budapest, Brussels offered a lot more food to try.

Where is Brussels? 2 hour plane ride away from Barcelona, Brussels is the Capital of Belgium. Its neighboring countries are France, Netherlands, and Germany

Language: My first assumption was this was a Dutch speaking country, but soon after arriving I found out I was wrong (well partially). Turns out Belgium is a trilingual country. Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. They mostly  speak French and Dutch in the Brussels area, but there is like 1% German speaking population. But all you hear in the streets is French!

Currency: We are back to the Euro currency in this country. But in comparison to Barcelona this was an expensive city. : ( so not so friendly to a college budget, but we made it work.

Hostel Living: I have to give our hostel props. We got upgraded to a decent 3 room suite for no reason. This was AMAZING ! We were walking distance to the city center and really can’t complain about the service.  So if anyone is ever in Brussels I’d recommend -> Jacques Brel Youth Hostel

Trip In Summary: Free Walking tours are the way to go !!  We went on a Sanemans  free walking tour around Brussels. 2.5 hour walking tour covers all the main sights of the old city of Brussels. Starting in the famous Grand Place, Mannekin Pis to the birthplace of Tintin ( Europe’s most popular 20th century comic).

Who knew Brussels was known for Mannekin Pis. He is famous Brussels landmark. It is a small IMG_4639bronze fountain sculpture depicting a naked little boy urinating into the fountain’s basin. The legend behind him goes as follows: In the 14th century, Brussels was under siege by a foreign power. The city had held its ground for some time, so the attackers conceived of a plan to place explosive charges at the city walls. A little boy named Julianske happened to be spying on them as they were preparing. He urinated on the burning fuse and thus saved the city. Quite interesting story, to say the least : )

So I have a confession to all America… French Fries are not French… gasp I know we have been lied to 😉 French fries are actually from Belgium. They originated in Belgium aP1040302-3-791x768nd were just wrongly named after American soldiers arrived in the country during the first World War and incorrectly assumed that the potatoes being served were ‘French’ as that was the language of the Belgian army. (who knew)  I discovered a new love love to andalouse sauce!!! ( Belgian specialty, a sauce consisting of mayonnaise, tomato paste, and peppers)

Waffles are EVERYWHERE! They are usually one euro and all the toppings you add on are an additional charge.  Who can say no to Euro waffles ..But Belgium waffles in Belgium then that’s legit : ) !


Chocolate! When in Belgium get chocolate  and of course the best one Neuhaus. (I didn’t take a picture of the store.. I was too busy buying chocolate : )

And of course we ended the trip with Belgium beer from Delirium Café. (quick note I am 21 ; ) )  They hold:

“The most varieties of beer commercially avaible was 2,004 at Delirium Café, Brussels, Belgium when counted on 9 January 2004”

We happened to go on Sunday Night which was International Women’s Day, therefore we got free beer 🙂 But we also tried weird but great beers. Cactus beer anyone? I think this one just made the top of the list


Cactus🌵 , Cherry 🍒, and Apple 🍏 Ales


Quick Pics:

   IMG_4655 IMG_4657 IMG_4652 IMG_4644 IMG_4643 IMG_4632 IMG_4630 IMG_4617 IMG_4584


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