Bonjour Paris!

I must say I am in love with Paris! Thinking back this was actually the first flight I booked way back in February and its close to the last one I will be going on ūüė¶ .. (yes the end is coming but wthumb_IMG_5812_1024e won’t talk about that)

Where is Paris? 1hr and 20 minute plane ride away from Barcelona. (One of the quickest plane rides I have ever been on, but enough to take a quick power nap:) )

Language:Of course it is FRENCH ! I have to say this is such a gorgeous language. I have heard it spoken by people before but hearing it everyday it makes me want to pick up another language (Rossetta Stone?? Maybe ;)) We had issues trying to communicate but thankfully french people know english.

Currency/Life style: France uses the Euro as well, but in general is a very expensive city. I would say it was a bit more expensive than Barcelona. Metro in Paris is fast and efficientthumb_IMG_5655_1024nt. Trains pass within a few minutes and they are very well interconnected in the city that it is perfect getting to different parts of the city in a short time. Walking is also an option (if you like walking like me :)) . We were adventurous and did both we walked one day everywhere and another day we took the metro.

Since we are talking about the metro can I point out the eye-catching Metro signs in the city. They reminded us of Halloweentown, surely you can’t miss your stop this way.

AirBnb Living: AirBnb is amazing! We had a very convenient metro/food/ and crêpe location. A small apartment in the city gives you a good feel of living in a city rather than being in a hostel or hotel.. P.S. we were walking  distance to the Catacombes de Paris


Picnic with the girls ūüôā

Trip In Summary:  Friday to Monday morning 3 full days of Paris! A little of what we did and would recommend:

Tour Eiffel: We went twice to the Eiffel Tower. Once before the sunset and then during the day. Before sunset it is great for¬†pictures. We had an improvised picnic in the Gardens (Champ de Mars) . We waited for sun down to see when they illuminated the Eiffel tower. ¬†We were in for a treat since we didn’t know there was¬†a light show every hour after sundown. We returned the following day to climb up. As college students we decided to take on the Tower by actually claiming to the top (2nd level). Give or take 700 steps to have a gorgeous city view! Like we said.. best 4 euros I have ever spent.

Louvre: Plan for a good portion of the day to be here.. not so much because of cues but because of how amazing this place is. I can’t lie I felt like I was in the DeVinci Code¬†¬†movie when I was here. For once student ID’s give you free entrance to see notable works of art.


My Artsy Pictures at Jardin Du Luxembourg

Gardens: I just absolutely loved all the parks we went to. One of which was Jardin des Tuileries was one of them. This one was close to the Louver on our way  Champs Elysées and  Arc de Triomphe (the French one : ) ) Jardins du Trocadéro, which is in front of the Eiffel Tower was one of my favorites after Jardin du Luxembourg. 

Catacombes¬†: There is always something new in each country that I discover and for Paris it was the Catacombes. If you are like me… the Catacombes are¬†a¬†200-mile network of old caves, tunnels and quarries which¬†¬†much of it is filled with the skulls and bones of the dead.¬†In 1785 it was decided to rectify the hygiene problems of Paris‚Äô overflowing cemeteries by exhuming the bones and storing them in these¬†tunnels and the Catacombes were created in 1810. **Fun fact:¬†During WWII these tunnels were used as a headquarters by the Resistance. ** Tip of advice! get there before it opens. Cues are very lengthy and you can spend hours waiting, but visiting is a must !.

More sightseeing: Grand Palais, Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Invalides, Pont Alexandre III, Love Lock Bridge (Pont des Arts) Opera Garnier, Champs Elysées.

Chipotle: Yes I decided to add this to the sightseeing! Here is my reasoning. If you ask any thumb_IMG_5776_1024American student in Barcelona what is one thing they miss from the United States I guarantee you there answer will be CHIPOTLE ! That I know of there are only a few¬†Europe.. In London and in France . So when in Paris go to Chipotle ūüôā

Quick Pics:

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