Spring Break/ Semana Santa

12 days…3 countries= many adventures and stories to tellIMG_4988

Dates: March 26th – April 7th

Meet my travel buddy: Jessie Walker from Orland, Florida  who is also studying abroad at IQS with me. I encourage you to check out her blog here.


Trip In Summary: We flew into Turin because it was the cheapest option 🙂 But thank goodness we did. It was such an amazing little city. It was an adventure from the start. Let’s just say my Italian did not kick in right away and had trouble trying to get to our AirBnb. But as adventures turn into stories and memories!! That is worth highlighting. In the hunt to using the public transportation we met very helpful people. There was Max from Germany who lives in Turin, two very helpful ladies who tried helping and a cute little old lady. We were only in Turin for less than a day we were stayed the night and off to the train station the next afternoon toward La Spezia.

AirBnb Living: We had the nicest AirBnb hosts! We arrived late due to our transportation issues and were worried nothing would be open by the time we arrived to our place. We were greeted with the surprise that our AirBnb host welcomed us to Italy with homemade spaghettiQuick Pics:

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🚄La Spezia/ Cinque Terre 

Trip In Summary: La Spezia and Cinque Terre were by far one of the best locations we chose for Spring Break. Getting here was another fun adventure. We train from Turin to La Spezia. It was about 3 hour ride give or take.  It was so much fun. There is a hiking trail between each little town.  Both Jessi and I were up for the challenge for hiking through all the towns, but to our disappointment we find out due to rain all but one trail was open. The trail was from Monterosso to Vernazza and took us about 1.5 hours to complete. (we were later told it was the most challenging) Yay to us!! .Hands down it is one of my favorite things I have done abroad. The view is just gorgeous and surreal.

AirBnb Living: Best AirBnB host ever! I was just recovering from a  cold and I guess our host heard me coughing that offered me medicine. Plus she had the cutes dog ever !!!

Quick Pics:

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Quick stop: The only thing to see in Pisa is the Leaning tower (Trust me there is nothing else) So since it was within our commute we decided to make a quick stop to see this infamous tower.

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Trip In Summary: Although I had been in Florence before I was more than happy to revisit. Florence is one of my favorite places in Italy! We had 3 full days here and let me tell you they were amazing!

BnB Living: This was a cute  BnB as well. It was in a great location but with an interesting story on how we found how to get here. With a little help from locals we figured out that Siri and Italian streets don’t always agree.

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Trip In Summary: Let me just begin by saying Rome is not one of my favorite  cities, but when in Italy, Rome is a must. Quick note: Trevi Fountain is under cleaning and renovation until September.

BnB Living: We stayed in a BnB close to the coliseum but we were almost eaten alive by some unknown insect 😦

Quick Pics:

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✈️Crete, Greece

Trip In Summary: Take me back to CRETE! First of all this was our random trip to Greece. Since it is cheaper to fly to Greece from Italy vs Spain we took advantage of that. It was a very chill and relaxing stay in Crete a vacation within a vacation.

BnB Living: The best way to explain this is we stayed in the middle of nowhere. Even our taxi driver asked how we found this place. But we didn’t  regret this one bit. It was a cute little studio at the top of a hill with the most gorgeous view of Crete.

Quick Pics:

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Trip In Summary: Loved Venice, but I was not blown away by it. (Please don’t hate me :)) I think  Cinque Terre was  the best.  We had an awesome gondola tour and ate great food. Met up with other IQS friends and just had a great time 🙂 ! Navigating within the city was a bit confusing at first but at the end I was able to navigate !!

Hostel Living: We stayed in a hostel called Camp Jolly. Let me tell you it was not the wisest choice. The only good thing was that other IQS friends were also in this hostel.

Quick Pics:

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