Extended Weekend: Amsterdam & London

I can’t believe my traveling is coming to an end:( I was not going to let this last trip go unnoted, so I decided to go on two trips in one! (what! Crazy I know). Thankfully we had a holiday that came up and took advantage of an extended weekend.

 Amsterdam 🚲

Just a quick overview of how crazy I was when I made this trip 🙂 Brenda (my travel buddy ) and I arrived to Amsterdam Thursday evening. We had basically a little more than 24 hours to explore Amsterdam and return to the airport to go to London.  Was it possible??? Answer is YES!!

This took a lot of pre-planning before hand but we made sure we checked off what we wanted to see off our list (most of them)

  • Tour the city/walking tour ✓
  • Anne Frank House ✓
  • Heineken Experience ✓
  • Ride Bikes  X


Currency: Euros

Hostel Living: Since we did spend one night in Amsterdam we were looking for a hostel that was 1. Had college friendly prices $$$ 2. Was walking distance to the center of the city (you might be surprised how much transportation can take up in a day if you are far from the center) Luckily we found an awesome Hostel: The Uptown Flying Pig. Not only were we walking distance, but we had the chance to talk to other young travelers there.

*It’s always interesting to hear everyone’s  travel story*

Trip In Summary:  

Amsterdam is such a unique city. It was definitely a great city. We roamed the streets of Amsterdam like  true backpackers and were glad we had amazing weather and perfect timing as well. We arrived a few days before King’s Day and so there was a festival in the town square. We did our normal walking tour and then just stayed around enjoying the little shops and the festival rides.

A must of course it to go to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, but the smart way! There are several ways to avoid having to wait in cue for hours and some imply spending more money or another is to know when to book !!! Through the Anne Frank website they have limited number of tickets assigned to purchase before hand. You just choose a time and print your ticket and just show up at your time. No waiting in line !!!!  yup easy as that ! We were lucky this was the case for us because the wait time in line is horrible. We were not allowed to take pictures here, but this was such an emotional moment because it is seeing history come to life. To me it is thinking of the many excerpts I read about Anne Frank, all the documentaries, everything we learn about her and being there where she tried living her life in secret is amazing. Literally touching history.

Heineken tour was fun too. It is very interactive so it is very enjoyable. The marketing major in me LOVED seeing their commercials, posters, and branding products.

So final thoughts I need to go back to Amsterdam! I loved the atmosphere loved the people and loved the history behind this very famous city 😉 I need to cross off my list riding a bike in Amsterdam so for sure I will be returning.

Quick Pics: (sad to say we had issues with our camera and a few pictures were deleted from the camera) 

♚ London ♚

Continuing on with our crazy trip we spent 2 days in London!!!! Cue the music!

Currency: Pounds (soo expensive)

Things we accomplished: 

  • Tour the city/walking tour (Tours) ✓
  • Pictures ! Tons of pictures!! Everywhere! ✓
  • Saying hi to the queen ✓
  • Walking down Abbey Street ✓
  • Shawn the Sheep scavenger hunt✓
  • Fish and Chips ✓
  • Platform 9 3/4 ✓
  • Shakespeare’s globe Theatre (from the outside) ✓


***Shout out to my friend Michael and his roommates for letting us crash at their place since we had last minute problems with our  AirBnB.***


Trip In Summary:  

So it is true it London is grey and cloudy. In the short weekend I was there it was  cloudy 95% of the time I was there. But we made it work from the very start. So we accidentally flew in to the most remote airport from London (charter airlines). We had to take a train into the city and we were so confused that it made for some interesting conversations with people that night.

We had our walking tour bright and early and thankfully I was not raining. We had had alot planned for this weekend, but the weather made us Barcelona girls bring our jackets (we were not happy, since we were used to the sunny beach weather.) Again thinking before wandering the city we went on a walking tour of the city to know more of the historical side of London. This was soo helpful to later navigate.  Awesome tour guide for sure!

Let me point out that we were lucky to say hi to the Queen ! WHAAAT Yup and I have proof 🙂 We saw that she was in the Buckingham Palace during our tour, but during the time we had arrived to late when she left in her car, so we missed her there. But our tour ended in front of Westminster Abbey, where she happened to be at.  We were about to cross the street away from the crowd (we were hungry looking for food, so we skipped the crowd )  that was by Westmister when were about to cross a street. As we wait to cross, since we saw a car coming we noticed it was the Queen literally in front of us. It came to a slight pause and we waved to her. She is the cutest because she waved back 1f64b-happy-person-raising-one-hand-apple-new-2015-final

I don’t understand why I’m always followed by Marathons… We were in London during the time of a marathon as well.

Over all the riding the tube all over London was very convenient. Loved that we had enough time to really enjoy London. Due to the marathon we had to change certain plans but London know I will be back to finish touring 🙂

Quick Pics:



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