Study Abroad Tips

As I keep thinking of useful tips I will add them on to the list.

*If you have any specific questions I am more than happy to answer them.*

Airlines & Suitcases ✈️

  • I highly recommend Turkish Airlines for traveling to the states to anywhere in Europe. One they are one of the few airlines that will allow you to bring 2 checked in suitcases. Yes I said 2 ! Plus a carry-on and a personal bag(book bag in my case)
  • My round trip with them was less then $1,000. I was surprised to find this out because most american airlines are over one grand.
  • Best food on flight (included in your price) ! I had wine with both of my meals and it was all free
  • Pampered! You get a little care package regardless of where you sit. This includes eye fold, lip balm, earplugs, socks, and slippers.

Housing 🏠

  • My university in Barcelona did not include housing, that was something that I was going to have to find on my own. I was in the situation that I did not know what was a good location, why certain prices were more expensive than others, but ultimate ended up in a great place and location.
  • I payed about 400 euros a month for my location. This included my room, utilities, and house cleaning each week (thank you!). and I only had 2 other roommates. The location was ideal! I do have to complain a little that my room was a bit small, but it was good enough for a semester.
  • I know through friends they were able to have housing cheaper than mine so there are plenty of options and places to look before committing to the places suggested by most universities

Cellphone and Data/Wifi 📱

  • I had service from day one in Barcelona. I am lucky that I have T-Mobile because it saved me a lot of head aches and the dreaded question from everyone abroad Tienes WiFi?
  • My plan did not change at all when I was abroad. I had unlimited data and texting with calling for a fixed cost per minute (which I never used but was good to know in case of emergencies)
  • My phone had service in every country I traveled to. With it being on roaming it would connect to a local network.
  • Learn more:

Banking 💰

  • Banks! Fees! So much !!!! I actually had to get a Bank of America card, since I bank with US Bank (they don’t have international bank connections)
  • Bank of America was good for a while since the bank I would go to closed 😦 but I could not escape those fees.
  • Hearing back from friends Schwab was a better card to get. It has no fees and reimburses all your ATM fees at the end of each month. (note to self next time 😉 )
  • If you have a credit card, make sure to ask your bank for a pin! All machines in Europe as for a pin number on any card, Credit cards included!!

Weekend Travel  💸

  • Best for last! I was able to travel 8 countries withing a 5 month period!!! Crazy? yes! Expensive? Yes but college friendly I would have to say.
  • I kept a spread sheet with my expense and total travel minus housing/hostels just airfare came to less then 900 dollars
  • Get a discount with the following:

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