X..A..V..IER .. Goo Xavier.. Go XU !🙅🏻

When I was accepted to Xavier, my welcome gift from Xavier to me was a huge Xavier flag. My first thought that crossed my mind was -“this will make a great dorm decoration”-but little did I know this flag would travel around the would with me. It is my one essential item I make sure to pack other than my passport:)

*Enjoy my muskie pride around Europe*

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Starbucks Abroad: Mini Project ☕ Complete :)

It is no exaggeration to say I am addicted to coffee. If anyone knows me well I am also a huge Starbucks person :D. A quick story to make sense, freshman year at Xavier I had a project in my marketing class to analyze a company my group (not just me) selected Starbucks. Through that case I was able to not only appreciate it more as a company but also see how Starbucks became the company it is today, both in the US and Internationally. As both a marketing and IB Major I just had to do my own little research.  So I created my own coffee adventure abroad.

The Idea: The plan is to order the same drink in all the different countries I visit and document the taste, price, and the way they write my name on the cup. Same drink??  That is a no brainer for me 🙂 it was all in ordering my favorite Starbucks drink.

Drink: Tall Soy Dirty Chai Latte – It is basically a chia latte made with soy milk  (soy milk is a game changer) with a shot of espresso

Final thoughts:  It was a fun project! Finding a Starbucks in these different countries was truly an adventure. For some it was on every corner( London) or places like Crete where there was only one in the entire island. Things to note: Most of the menus were very simple. They all have the simplest form of the menu. The baristas in all the Starbucks that I went to were very welcoming and nice. (never had a bad experience). Atmosphere of what I can remember were just as aspected a place were you can relax and have a good cup of coffee.

Instagram: #onetallsoydirtychaiplease

Barcelona, Spain              Budapest, Hungary              Brussels, Belgium              Dublin, Irland* Price:    $4.11                                 Price: $4.22                               Price: $6.23                             Price: $4.18

Italy  Concept inspired by Italy BUT no Starbucks exist in Italy… What! I actually knew this already. Just like Israel,  Starbucks was not able to enter the market. Why??? It has to do with culture, price, and a destroying a brand. Great article to read 

Crete, Greece*         Paris, France            Amsterdam, Netherlands           London, Great Britain* Price: $4.38                  Price: $5.77                      Price:  $5.29                                      Price: 5.12 (4.36)***

*  gift cards accepted ***Member discount 

Quick Pics: 

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Valencia & Fallas Festival 🔥🔥

Just a quick note today it’s my 2 month anniversary in Spain🎉 !! I can’t believe how fast how  time flies.

This past weekend although I didn’t travel to another country I decided to take it easy and stay local and traveled to Valencia. We went in a great timing since they had started their Fallas IMG_4739Festival. It is an interesting festival.

From March 15 to 19, Valencia is given over to a carnival of bonfires, fiesta, fireworks and satire known as Las Fallas(fires)

On  every corner through out the city are colourful ninots, giant papier-mâché figures. Each one in some way satirises a political figure, or a soap star, or characters of movies, or sports idols. The thing I don’t understand is why they are all burned at the end. They are too beautiful to be burned 😦

IMG_4745IMG_4733 IMG_4732

The Fallas FestivalLa Mascleta: 
Every day at 2pm firecrackers rip through the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in an noisy event called la Mascleta. The best way to explain this was like  firecrackers in some kind of rhythm then it ends as hundreds of masclets exploding at once.


I’ve been told that the best Paellas are in Valencia, therefore I have not had a paella till noIMG_4772w and I have to say it is delicious!

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

It is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia.


I’m in LOVE 😘

I’m officially in love with Barcelona! This city never  ceases to amaze me. Each time I return from my weekend escapades,  I am always happy to return “Home”. Barcelona is my 3rd home away from home 🙂 (1st Chicago/Home/CR, 2nd Cincinnati/Xavier, 3rd Barcelona!!)

It is an indescribable feeling seeing the Barcelona skyline from the plane. Unfortunately I wasn’t sitting by the window this time, but the view from the plane was breath taking. You can appreciate everything, from Torre Agbar, Sagrada Familia, and the beach seeing this view reassures me Barcelona was the correct choice to study abroad. (That and I was meant to live somewhere by water :))


One of those days I decided to go out for a run 🙂

Making Barcelona home is just amazing. Since it has finally gotten warmer, I am starting back to my running routine. I am not much of an outdoor person for running, but with the scenery of the beach who wouldn’t be motivated to run!

I still like getting “lost”. I take different routes to and from school, discover new places, and just hearing of things to do. Barcelona is an endless place to explore! I am beyond happy that I am here, have met amazing people, and have a few more months of creating unforgettable memories 🙂 !

Because… The BEST is Yet to Be! ❤

🎉One month in 🇪🇸🎉

Crazy as it seems today marks my first month in Spain. 🙂 In retrospect all that hard work of trying to travel paid off. I have met great people and made awesome friends so far. Truly study abroad brings together people you would have never thought you would meet.
P.S. Classes are going great!


“Oeeee, oe Barça oe”

Such an amazing experience Camp Nou is more than alive when Barça plays. Well actually Barcelona in general :).. We went to the Copa del Rey Semifinal game against Villarreal .. and of course they won!! 3-1 We had amazing seats for the price we paid. 8 rows up from the goalie box for 36€. Priceless !


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